Who is LNCS?

We are innovative and practical

LNCS is your Irish-based partner for navigating the labyrinth that is technology, this includes internet technology, hardware such as laptops, docking stations, and monitors, as well as the vast administrative possibilities and challenges behind your organisation’s physical and online backbone.

We can help you with website design and maintenance, project management and consultancy (such as tendering IT services on your behalf), and the administration of Microsoft services such as Sharepoint, Outlook, Teams, and the rest of their impressive suite.

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Project Management

Whether you want a project to be managed from inception to completion, or require support with an already existing project, we are here to help.

We can help you with projects ranging from migration to new application suites, migration from paper or physical servers to cloud servers, the development and implementation of a hardware life cycle plan and many more.

Services Tendering

We provide an impartial IT services tendering service, upon consultation we will invite appropriate IT services providers to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP).

We will ensure they represent good value for money, understand exactly what is required and when, and that services entered into are weighted by unique KPIs and SLAs designed with your organisation in mind.

Online Presence

Our Marketing and Technical Specialists are here to assist with your SEO performance, they can carry out audits on your infrastructure and ranking of your website to better inform your future decisions.

We can consult you on how best to reach your target demographic, and ensure that your selected online presence is effective as well as rich in analytical data.


Personally unique or Organisation-wide

We offer organisation-wide or individual hardware procurement services, this can include laptops, desktops, tablets, firewalls or IT accessories.

We also love custom built computers and laptops, if you have a specification we will have one built for you. Otherwise, if you know what you want the computer to do (e.g. high-end gaming, or virtual reality) but are unsure about what hardware is best, we will advise on and build to specification that will meet your needs as well as your budget


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First Contact

Your first consultation is free! This is where we’ll discuss your requirements, and assign you to a suitable member of LNCS who will be your guide from then on.

Discussion & Planning

Here we will get into the nitty-gritty, no need to worry though – we will keep the technical terms to a minimum unless you want it! We’ll build a specification together, and agree on budgets.
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Final Strategy

The how and when! A clear and tangible project scope will be created with milestones and timelines. This will be bespoke to your needs.


We will carry out the implementation and keep you updated with every deliverable, there will be opportunities to make some slight changes – but overall we’ll both keep to the initial scope!


Plan, Do, Check, Act! Ongoing maintenance and evaluation services will be discussed near the end of our project, or during KPI reviews if we’re providing a managed services agreement. Lets keep what we’ve built in great condition, and ensure we keep up with the ever changing landscape of technology.


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